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Haali Reader - a book reader for Windows CE

Main features:

Download: Last version: 2.0b264

Warning: downloaders like GetRight do not work with this site, you'll need to click on the links directly to download.

Installer for desktop windows: Haali Reader v2.0 Setup ( 538k)

Desktop installer for Pocket PC, PocketPC 2003, WM2003: Haali Reader CE v2.0 Setup ( 790k)

Executable files for use directly on a pda:

Pocket PC, PocketPC 2002 (CE3.0), WM2003 (CE4.2), WM2005 2.0b264 ARM ( 205k), MIPS ( 255k), SH3 ( 233k)
Palm size PC (CE2.11) 2.0b227 MIPS ( 232k), SH3 ( 209k)
HPC Pro (CE2.11) 2.0b227 ARM ( 185k), SH3 ( 209k)
HPC 2000 (CE3.0) 2.0b227 ARM ( 183k), MIPS ( 232k)
WinCE .NET 2.0b227 ARMV4 ( 190k), MIPS ( 199k)

Other goodies

Sources ( 736k), An english-russian dictionary ( 2.4M), mkdict ( 41k) - a tool for creating custom dictionaries, dictionary source should be a plain text file with one entry per line, entry title should be separated from the body with two spaces.

The dictionary format is different from 1.x versions, so to use a dictionary in new versions either download a new dictionary file or decode the old dictionary with mkdict tool and recreate it from source. The new file should be in a new format. You'll need an Win2k/XP system to convert existing dictionaries, mkdict won't work on Win98/ME systems.

Some (scarce) documentation, thanks to Chris Clark for providing a skeleton.

An article about FictionBook XML.

Last modified: 2003/12/04 11:43
Author: Mike Matsnev, mike@haali.net