Main screen

The main window consists of the text pane, the progress bar and the menu/toolbar. Drag the stylus over the text pane to select text, use Tools->Copy to copy the selected text to the clipboard. Tap text to perform dictionary lookup (if "use dictionary" is selected in general options). Double tap any whitespace are to toggle fullscreen mode. Tap on the progress bar moves the current position in the document. Tap on the small arrows at the ends of the progress bar moves to current position to the next/previous contents item. Toolbar buttons provide shortcut access to the following menu items in order from left to right: Back, Contents, Add bookmark, Find, Find next.




Keyboard reference

Accelerator keys that are not present in the buttons dialog:

Control-O - Open
Control-F - Find
Control-G, F3 - Find next
Control-Q - Exit
Backspace - Back

F2 - edit bookmark in the contents dialog

File position specification can be entered directly into the main window without brining the Go To dialog. Use following format: <number>% to move to certain percentage, or <number>= to move to a certain paragraph.

Dictionary dialog

Once viewing dictionary entry you may select word in the definition window and look that up too, just hit '...' button, may also look at previous/next word in dictionary (in alphabetical order). If word not found, then the closest match (using the first letters) to word is looked up.